Roots coffeeshop

The southeast part of Amsterdam has one coffeeshop. This coffeeshop is not only special because of it’s monopoly, it is also special because it has not been open for long. This shop opened in july 2017 after 18 years of political drivel.

As stated before: Amsterdam southeast only has one coffeeshop. This shop was opened to counteract the illegal dealing of soft-drugs on the streets. You can read a review below about this hidden gem.

Roots coffeeshop


Although Roots is the only coffeeshop in the area, prices and quality are in proportion. The quality of the hasj and weed is good, not very special but it will definitely get you high. The opinions of this shop vary, so if you are curious definitely go check it out yourself.

The ambience is very chilled, so you can smoke your goods in peace. The shop is located near (or almost under) the train station Bijlmer Arena, so easy access if you travel via the public transportation. If you live in the Bijlmer you can come by bike or even by foot if you are in the area.

This shop will close at midnight.

Visit their site.

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