Amsterdam Zuid

Where New York has it’s Upper East Side, Amsterdam has Zuid. This is the area where the most wealthiest citizens live. The most coffeeshops that are located here are mostly visited by locals, but the staff is also very open to tourists.

Coffeeshop Club Media

This coffeeshop is an oasis of relaxation in the busy area of de Pijp. This shop was rewarded with an award for best coffeeshop of 2016, and it’s visitors will definitelly agree. Tip: this shop has free Wi-Fi

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Katsu Coffeeshop

Katsu has a really nice location. Near the Albert Cuyp Market, the Heineken Experience and the Sarpathi park and lot’s of restaurants. The staff here is really friendly and experienced. They also know a lot about medical marijuana.

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Green house Pijp

The owners of this shop have multiple shops, Green House Pijp (also known as Green house Tolstraat) is the original. This is the place where most of the celebrities come, the photo’s on the walls will give you proof. Try out the exclusive menu for an amazing high.

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Other parts of the city:

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