Amsterdam West

Amsterdam west has a lot to offer. It has a great mix of cultures which makes it a vibrant neighborhood. In this area you’ll find a lot of students as well as families with young children.

Coffeeshop eerste hulp

Haven’t got stoned in two days? Go to the emergency coffeeshop! The name of this shop translated into english is first aid. What makes this shop very special is that they sell moonrocks. A moonstone is a ‘rock’ of weed, hasj oil, and kief. This will definitelly get you super high.

Coffeeshop Massawa

Coffeeshop Massawa is a morrocan beauty. They are best known for their Royal hasj. The staff of the shop is very kind and willing to help. If you plan on visiting on a sunny day you should check out the water nearby, you can sit on one of the benches and enjoy watching the boats sailing by.


This shop is a bit further from the city centre, but definitelly worth the detour. Sensemillia is one of the most spacious shops you will ever see. Other than that it also has a terrace, with a lake view. Sadly most of the view is coverd by an acrylic sheet, probably for savety reasons.


Other parts of the city:

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