Amsterdam Oost

In the eastern part of Amsterdam you have a zoo, multiple musea, lot’s of green spaces and of course coffeeshops.

The Stud

This shop in Amsterdam Oost has very long opening hours. They open at 7 am and close at 1 am in the morning. They provide a broad selection of the finest weed and hasj. Definitelly worth a visit.

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Best Friends Oost

The start of this coffeeshop is a lovely story. Two best friends decided that they wanted to create a save haven for smokers, and opened their first location. Up untill this day they have three locations, in Oost, Zuid and in the city centre.

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Coffeeshop het Ballonnetje

Het ballonnetje (little balloon in English) is located in front of the University of Amsterdam. This does however not mean that it is only visited by students, het ballonnetje is also populair amongst musicians, artists, locals and tourists.

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Other parts of the city:

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