Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Noord is an upcoming area with lot’s of alternative spots to visit. Hop on the ferry and cross the IJ-lake to discover this raw part of town. We listed the best coffeeshops for you.

Hunter’s Filiaal

This is a coffeeshopchain with a history. Hunter’s coffeeshop opened his doors more than 30 years ago in the city centre, and expanded their business to Amsterdam Noord. At Hunter’s you can get your daily dose of marijuana and smoke it in the café, or on the terrace when the sun is out. Hunter’s is loved by the locals, but also welcomes tourists. Opening hours are from 9am – 11pm.

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Coffeeshop Atlas

Atlas is located near the north boarder of Amsterdam-Noord. The shop is further out of the city centre, so if you enjoy a little bit of nature and some parks, fields and timber this is the place for you.Don’t let the outside of Atlas fool you: it may look like a small café but inside there is plenty of space. They provide multiple rooms to have a smoke, and they even have a foosball.

Atlas is open every day from 10am – 12am

Coffeeshop ‘t Ooievaartje (the Stork)

‘t Ooievaartje is only a five minute walk from the ferry. If you are at Amsterdam Central and want to try out a shop in Noord is this an easy option. The prices are reasonable and there is a smoking room in the back. You can not bring your phone in the shop, you will be asked to putt it away immediately. Watch out when you buy grams, multiple customers have been ripped off by reciving .8 grams instead of a whole gram.

It is opened daily from 10am -10pm

Other parts of the city:

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