Coffeeshops in the city centre

If you are visiting Amsterdam for just one day or just don’t feel like going out of the city centre, we’ve got you covered. The centre of Amsterdam has a lot to offer, and especially a wide range of coffeeshops.

The Bulldog Palace

This is probably the best known coffeeshop amongst tourists. As it is located on the Leidse Square it is easy accessable and perfect for a smoke before going a night out. The Bulldog Palace also hosts professional karaoke nights for the virtuoso stoners.

Visit the site.

Boerejongens Coffeeshop

The Boerejongens is a high-class shop. If you want to have a professional experience this is the place to be. The staff is highly educated and can tell you everything about multiple kinds of strains. The shop is located on the Utrechtsestraat 21.

Visit the site.

De Dampkring

De Dampkring is a shop near the famous flower market, on handboogstraat 29. This coffeeshop is recommended for first timers. The staff is very patient, friendly and willing to help. If you are an hardcore stoner you will also have a great time at de Dampkring.

De Dampkring is daily opened from 10am – 01am.

Other parts of the city:

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