Which coffeeshops in Amsterdam are open on Sundays?

For many of the 5 million tourists who visit Amsterdam annually, a visit to one of the well-known Coffeeshops that are dotted around the city is a must.

Not to be confused with Coffee shops that sell coffee (these are known locally as Koffiehuizen), in the Netherlands the term coffee shop has come to mean alcohol-free establishments where cannabis (weed, hash, marijuana) can be sold and consumed. According to the Dutch Drug and Coffee Shop Law the Amsterdam coffee shops are licensed to sell small quantities of cannabis to adults over 18.

Coffeeshops are subject to local regulations and are not allowed to advertise, so quite a lot of information about them that is available on the web is out of date or incorrect. For instance, In 2017 Mellow Yellow, along with 28 other coffeeshops, was forced to shut down following the recent passing of government legislation that prohibits coffee shops from being open within 250 meters of a school. This was one of the original coffeeshops and you will still find many references to it online, so make sure you check your information before travelling to a particular coffeeshop.

Chilling out on Sundays

If you are spending the weekend in Amsterdam, it can be a great experience to spend a few hours chilling in one of the many atmospheric coffeeshops, reading the paper, having a drink (no alcohol, but many coffeeshops sell soft drinks, tea, coffee and even healthy juices) and watching the world go by. Not all coffeeshops are geared up for this; some operate more like a take-away but that will soon be obvious from the surroundings. Here are a few places where you can laze away (or party away) some of your Sunday in Amsterdam:

Barney’s Coffeeshop
Haarlemmerstraat 102, 1013 EW Amsterdam
Only a few minutes walking distance from the Amsterdam Central Station, you’ll find yourself transported into a décor inspired by an old-fashioned apothecary, with lots of interesting and imaginative accents.
Sunday opening times: 9am to 1am

Green House Centum
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, 1012 EW Amsterdam
This small little coffeeshop has good quality herbs and a great atmosphere. The Green House is winner of 38 High Times Cannabis Cups. The coffee shop is situated nicely in the red-light district next to a canal. Food is served all day too.
Sunday opening times: 9am to 1am

Smoke Palace
Linnaeusstraat 83HS, 1093 EK Amsterdam
This coffeeshop is situated in the East of Amsterdam and has a relaxed neighbourhood vibe. Enjoy a great cup of Coffee and if the weather is nice, the comfortable terrace is a great place to sit and enjoy the view.
Sunday opening times: 9am to 1am

If you want to spend your Sunday in a more energetic way, you can also look out for one of the walking tours on offer that take you on a trip around a number of different Coffeeshops, allowing you to do a little sightseeing between venues.

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