When in Amsterdam, you can’t pass up the opportunity to visit a real Dutch coffeeshop. For the uninitiated, it is worth knowing that in the Netherlands, coffeeshops have more on the menu than coffee alone. This is where Cannabis can legally be bought, and smoked. However, they are not allowed to advertise, so for more information on where to find the best coffeeshops, take a look at our blog articles.

Cheapest coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s coffeeshop culture is renowned across the world and draws thousands of tourists to the heart of the Netherlands every year. Introduced in the 1970s, the coffeeshop system was part of a movement to differentiate between “hard” and...

Top 10 coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, as most people know, is synonymous with cannabis. The city shares a long history with the little green plant, and it has firmly established itself here as a permanent resident. The city’s iconic coffeeshops – cafés where cannabis can...

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